This is going to change your mornings for the better!

I am addicted to instant porridge pots. They are just so simple, effortless and healthy for you. Plus they don’t take that much time at all. 
There are disadvantages to porridge pots. For one thing they cost more than they are worth. About £2.00 a pot. Which if you add up is ridiculous. The second thing, they could be healthier. I mean there is not much in there but you don’t know exactly what extras may have been added. 
Lucky for me, I have a partner who is a pain in the arse for saving pennies. This is good and bad. Bad when I am trying to convince him that a new handbag IS a benefit to both of us. Good that when I need a cheap answer to a query,  he’s willing to find a solution. 
Enter Lee’s simple instant porridge. Presented in a pretty Kilmer jar, this recipe creates 25 porridge pots for the price of one. That’s a saving I cannot even argue with. 
I am also aware this is not new or that much of a recipe. But anything to help you guys have a nutritious and speedy breakfast.
(Makes so many portions!)

– 700g whole oats
– 300g blended oats
– 250g milk creamer (Lee recommends Nido)
– 1 packet of chia seeds
– 4 tsp ground cinnamon
Your only step is to combined all the ingredients into a large bowl. Once mixed thoroughly, black into a large container, ideally Kilmer jar for prettiness. This will take you two minutes to do. 
When your alarm goes off way too early in the morning, simply add your portion into your chosen bowl (I go for two scoops, Lee goes for three). Boil the kettle and make your chosen drink while you wait- mine is of course a Nespresso espresso. 
Once the kettle is boiled, pour your hot water into your bowl and stir. Add more oats or water depending on the texture and consistency you like of your porridge. Add your toppings (honey and berries for me) and you are ready to tuck into breakfast.

You literally have no excuses not to try this. It is so simple and cost effective. 
Happy Friday everyone!