This is where I am most at home. 
Don’t be fooled, there is no where I would rather live than in a big city, but every now and then I like go back to the countryside and enjoy the fresh air.

This particular country walk Lee and I went on was near my Grandparents house and to help out, we took their dog Nell for a walk.

The area around where my Grandparents is gorgeous, typical Yorkshire landscape. Lots of woodland, brick walls and oh course, local wildlife.

I adore horse. They are not my favourite animal but there in the top five.

For country walks, this is probably the only time I go for the sensible options. The trainers were taken onto the outdoor track for the first time. Hat and coat because it is still freezing. The jumper is a latest purchase, it’s so chic but costs nothing, perfect mini January purchase without breaking the bank. 
Best accessory, my gorgeous company- how adorable is Nell? She is just sooooooooo cute! Lee is as well not bad on the eye, but you cannot beat that lovable fury thing. 

jumper | h&m // jaime jeans | topshop // trainers | nike (newest versions) // hat | new look //
scarf | zara (same scarf, different colour)  // coat | zara (similar one)