I am in love with this jacket.
I have always wanted to invest in a shearling jacket, but I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. Thankfully I found a compromise, a light jacket with flowing lines for a bit of feminine touch. The jacket is at the perfect price to be playing with new pieces to compliment wardrobe and I am happy with the purchase. I just know so many things I wanna pair it with.
The blush jumper is back too. It is just perfect for these winter-not-so-winter-but-still-cold-as days so you want to try a few layers but not too many that you look like a cream puff. Seeing as it is cold and a little icy out still, I am pairing the look with my knee boots- we haven’t had any snow in Leeds (thank god!) but it is still cold! 
Thank god for take away coffee- is there anything better than coffee, right there in my hand?
I am also very aware that this bag keeps popping up. But can you blame me for constantly using it? Its just so pretty! It comes in so handy for throwing everything in and still be pretty but practical. 

blush jumper | h&m // jamie jeans | topshop // knee boots | asos // embroided bag | zara
// shearling jacket | misguided