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24 January 2017


I think writing about this place again makes this officially my favourite brunch place. I have mentioned Sheaf Street twice on the blog prior to this post (here and here), so when I heard of people (actually two bloggers) who weren't quite familiar- after an hour or two of outfit photographing (it's what us bloggers do), we head to Sheaf Street for some much needed brunch. 

I hope you guys are followers of Ally and Lucinda's blogs- they are fantastic ladies and even better friends. Over coffee, teas and delicious brunch dishes, discussions of news, politics and general worldly debates were also on the table. 

Let's talk about the food on the table. Everything on the table is delicious, simple but not compromising with flavour. I went for the poached eggs on sourdough with smoke salmon which I would highly recommend. Also, have a side of their homemade crumpets, they are to die for with their apricot jam. 

Hopefully the weather will pick up soon, the shutter front open's out in spring for a lovely relaxing dinning experience. You know I will be back again here sometime soon. 


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