Its a new year and I am redesigning my home!


Lee and I have been in  our flat for nearly a year now and whilst we have done a few things in designing our home, we haven’t done much of a major makeover. This is because of one of two things: A. We have felt the need to spend our hard earn pennies somewhere else and B. We rent so there is not much we can do in terms of makeover.
This year I really want to get the house looking gorgeous and our style, but with big things coming up this year (my wedding is pretty much running my life right now- damn it!) so we* are starting small and focusing on the bathroom.
*When I say we, you know I mean me. As long as it is not pink, Lee could not care what makeover the bathroom gets.





As you can see from my mini mood-board collages, I am leaning towards naturals of grey and white. I have had to move to the bathroom to really look and focus on what the bathroom needs (I am on the bathroom floor BTW not on the toilet- that would be just too much!)
The bathroom itself is grey tile flooring (it’s not a pretty grey) white walls, white tiles and a large mirror with a blue/ green glass shelf. We also have a dark brown wooden IKEA unit for storing toiletries and also a basic IKEA laundry basket for dirty clothes.
We desperately need a new bathmat, new towels and I think a bit of a retouch of storage. I love the accents of the natural woven baskets in these pictures and the added touches of green plants. I feel that green plants add life a colour into a room that can look pretty bland.
I also want to add some art work into the bathroom, sounds weird but again I want to add something to the room. Saying this though, my preferences are leaning towards grey. Maybe grey towels with a colour accent?
I will certainly take before and after pictures so you can see what we do. We are staying cheap and cheerful, we don’t want to spend too much on such a small room. That said, we also do not wanna get cheap things for a room that is used every single day!