I don’t do New Year’s resolutions…

I am terrible for keeping them. That said, I like to set myself challenges; goals to keep life interesting and heading towards something. After all, if you have nothing to aim for, what are you aiming to achieve?
As usual I tend to go a little big with my goals; this year I am trying to to go simple so that achieving might be much more possible and I won’t feel so bad like i usually do when I haven’t achieved it. Some also are more musings rather than actual goals. You will see more in a bit. 
I am terrible for keeping in touch with everyone. Things catch up with me and I always intend to call back or respond to a text message but I always forget. This year will be different. I have so many friends scattered around the UK that I am going to keep in touch with each one of them. At least one call a month, texting back within the hour where I can. Also cards! Birthday cards are so sweet to send and I intend to ensure everyone receives a birthday card this year. First thing I need to invest is an address book, particularly this one that is gorgeous!! 
I truly mean this,  Great Britain is such a gorgeous place and I wanna see more of it. I am looking to do more city breaks, exploring more cities. One place is Glasgow to go and see my friend Rudy since he moved. From then on, who knows. I am such a travel bug- I’m starting off small, then I will hopefully be going bigger and exploring the world. 
I have always struggled with money. I am happy to freely admit this. Saving is not my strong point if I do not have something to save for. I need to change this, because the bigger picture is I am saving for my future, even if this isn’t an actual thing just yet. Hopefully for someone in a similar I will be able to create a post with some tips that have helped me. For now, one less Starbucks a week will go far.
I have taken this in my stride (literally) towards the end of 2016. I have a Personal Trainer and now Christmas weeks have been and gone, it’s time to get on it. Lots more training, lots more working out. I just wanna feel fit and healthy, and yes loose some weight. If I get to a size 10, it will be a miracle. 
From inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers Lily Pebbles, I brought a calligraphy set to start a new hobby that would take me away from the laptop and allow me to gain a skill. That kit has stayed in my sideboard storage since. This year its coming out of storage and I am going to learn a new skill. Not sure what benefit it will give me in my everyday life but its nice to aim to gain a skill that’s just for me and my pleasure.


I get married this year. I become a wife this year. (I have someone had a minor panic attack at this thought). In all seriousness, I cannot wait to be married. Its a natural next step of our relationship. Yes I am looking forward to my wedding (and cannot wait to share it with you) but I am actually really looking forward to marriage and the exciting challenges that it brings. 
What are your life goals for 2017?