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2 January 2017


It's that time of the year again! 

Welcome to 2017! Has your NYE hangover gone completely yet?

I have done this post for the last two years (see last year posts here) and it has become somewhat of a tradition on the blog. I like the idea of setting myself goals, I like the idea of challenging myself and seeing what I can achieve in a year. 

I have not done too badly compared to my goals set for last year, but I am always striving to do better. Cue this year's goals. I am really running with the blog this year and I want to do so much more with it and create beautiful content for you. I don't just want to blog for the sake of blogging, I want to create gorgeous content that you guys are going to love. 

To this I have set myself these goals bellow.  I also just want to give myself general goals so I am always striving and acheiving. Wish me luck! 

I have been blogging every weekday on and off for the past few years and I wanna go back to blogging every weekday. I know that if I push myself with the content, creating and getting more organised, I know this is achievable. The week before Christmas I actually had off work and I worked like crazy to get content for you guys, just so I knew that the first two weeks of January was full to the brim with content. This one is going to be difficult but I feel it is achievable. If someone like Lizzy Hadfield of Shot From The Street who I know and admire her work so much can do it- I feel I have no excuses. 

Not to toot my own horn too much, but I love my Instagram theme right now. It's just so clean and pretty and I love every shot! I want to ensure I keep this up, since I uploaded regally over the Christmas week, my engagement has shot up. You guys seem to love it so I am going to keep this up! 

I have some amazing blogger friends, who I recently joked about the fact their birthdays had been noted in my new diary which meant that I considered them more than just 'blog friends/ colleagues', they are actual friends. Up here in The North/ Yorkshire, we have some great people creating amazing content. I want to do a shout out to those who I love, whether this be just tweeting about them as much as I can or doing a monthly post on a blogger in the spotlight, I want to share the things I love about these bloggers and hopefully find you readers new bloggers to get to know and love. 

If you haven't notice, I don't get my face that much in the blog. This is mainly because A. I don't have someone to take the photos of me, and B. I have a little bit of self consciousness about my 'fat face'. I have been working out with my PT who I adore (and I am sure I can convince to work with me on a fitness post as soon as my arm fat stops waving at everyone!) and I am slowly getting there with loving my body and how I look. The best response I get at times on my posts are my style posts- you guys seem to love my style! I want to do more of this and with the help of my Instagram Husband and a bit of planning, I know I will be able to get more style pictures up for you guys. 

 I feel this will constantly be a reoccurring goal of mine both on the blog and in life. I love travelling (read all about my travels here on the blog) and I want to do so much more site seeing of the world. I have one EPIC trip coming up which you will know about very soon. I am going plan a trip with Lee in the Autumn and I think I am going to aim to have at least five city breaks throughout the year. I want to say the majority of them will be in the UK, we have such a gorgeous country and also so many amazing cities to visit but also it is the cheaper simpler options sometimes. I do want to do some European city breaks, at least while I can travel as a European Citizen before we break away from Europe (stupid Brexit). Who knows where my travels will take me.

I do actually have a YouTube channel and I have dabbled in videos but gave up because life got complicated and I didn't like the content I was creating. I want to do it (I have very much been inspired by Hey Claire's Vlogmas videos- the style of shooting is gorgeous!! Actually all her videos are to die for!) Other people who I love on YouTube are Ally Digital Diva, Lizzy Hatfield Shot From The Street, Lily Pebbles, Jess Sunbeam JessSamantha Maria and Aimee Song of Style. I want to take aspects of what I love about what they do and create pretty montage videos of different things. I think it will mostly be trips, travels and a few lifestyle things. I am hoping you will love it and fingers cross I will be getting my channel set up again soon.

It is not all about numbers, but they do contribute to things. I want to build my engagement and influence, just like any other blogger. This means pushing myself with Twitter followers, Instagram followers, monthly views, etc. I am not going to say a particular number, I just wanna see a dramatic increase. Hopefully with the content I am planning on creating, this will naturally follow.

I hope you like my mini goals list- which ones do you think I will do well with?


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