Christmas is just around the corner! 

I cannot we are within two weeks of the big event. This year has whizzed by, and I am so excited for some festive celebrating. This year will be a little different, since Lee and I got engaged, we want to spend equal time together with both our families. Since we spent Christmas with my family last year, this year we are visiting Lee’s sister, her husband and my gorgeous nephews. 
Usually on Christmas we get dressed up (not too much- no tight waistbands when it comes devouring those pigs in blankets) and really get into so family fun. There’s very much a battle of the best when it comes to the boardgames and mum and I usually own it when it comes to the cheese board and the prosecco. 
This year I am not sure how exactly Lee and his family celebrate Christmas but I am excited to find out. It will as a guarantee be all about family which is what Christmas is always be about. And at the end of the day, that is what Christmas is all about. I cannot wait to spend it with family members that I hardly see and actually for the first time in a long time, see Christmas through a child’s eyes with two little boys under five.
Speaking of children, how cute do Lee and I look in our Christmas jumpers? They are from Boohoo, grabs yours now while you can. Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day is Friday 16 December, and all they are asking for is for you to make a donation, wear your wooly with pride and make a festive shoutout for the cause. Shop for your Christmas jumper here on the Boohoo website.