Christmas has come and gone….

The main event is over, but in the grand tradition that is the days between 27 December- 31 December, things have not gone back to normal. Your work schedule is not back to normal, the shops are not open just yet and there is still a linger of Christmas cheer in the air. 
Apologise if my blogging is not as regular as I would like during this week but I promise new year, a restart (plus the blogs third birthday- how time flies!) 
To keep you entertain, here is my list of things to keep you entertain for the next couple of days before life goes back to normal: 

1. Do a quick spring/ festive clean to make way for you new Christmas presents. Clear out all clutter and put your shiny new gifts (and the odd boxing sale purchase) out on display for all to see. 
2. Have a pamper day. Your not back at the office until Tuesday. Set yourself in the bath with your new Lush festive bath bomb and the left over champagne from the one too many bottles you brought for the big day. Repaint your nails ready for NYE party and have a little festive TLC.
3. Set up a budget spreadsheet. Sounds absolutely boring, but it would be nice to set a game plan ready for 2017. Set yourself a goal and get started on it as soon as possible. Or at least until the sales have ended…. 
4. Watch all the Harry Potter films in a row. Because when are you ever going to get the chance again?!?
5. Go on a long country walk with a fellow squad member. Get a venti Starbucks and put your Nikes on to look total badass whilst you are out in the Dales.
6. Write and send your thank you cards for your Christmas presents. Because who gets actual handwritten mail these days and wouldn’t be nice to make someones day?  
7.  Do an Amazon book spurge order. Make a list of all those lifestyle books you have always wanted and didn’t get a Christmas and use your Christmas money to make the order. 
8. Have a leftovers party. Because Boxing is not enough to get rid of the last of the turkey. Grab your squad, buy some marked down packs of pigs in blankets (because you know you ate the rest on Christmas day) and have some turkey sandwiches with cheese and  bubbles. 
Have a lovely week peeps.