I love coffee…

I think that statement goes without any real explanation. I love coffee in any form and drink it on a regular basis. So when Beanies wanted me to test some Christmas flavours, I couldn’t possible say no. 
Coffee snobs, look away now. 
Beanies specialise in flavoured instant coffee. I am normally not a lover of instant coffee, but it’s very rare to get my festive flavours I love so much at home (eggnog latte, I’m looking at you). So I will happily accept some instant help to get myself my festive treat. 
The mini gift set comes with the option of selecting three different flavours; I was given Winter Warmer, Christmas Pudding and Mulled Wine. Winter Warmer was with no doubt my favourite. It was like a cosy night in a mug- perfect for sitting around the fire. Christmas Pudding was okay, but not to my taste. I am not a fan of Christmas Pudding so I didn’t have high hopes for this one being a winner. Mulled Wine was my secret treat of mine. I was in love with this flavour it was just a lovely aroma of orange zest and spices. 
These coffees are a perfect little gift for anyone who enjoys flavoured coffee. There are so many to choose from your are going to struggle for the perfect combination for that special someone.