Vegetarian and vegans look away now….

You know I love a good foodie post and letting you gorgeous readers know of the best restaurants to eat at in Leeds. So last week when I was kindly invited to the VIP evening of the recently re- decorated The Black House- I oh course jumped at the chance to try their delicious food. 
Outrageously, I have never been to The Black House prior to this moment. Seen it and lusted at it from afar, but never stepped inside it. To me, this revamping was as if this was how the restaurant ever was. 
So far, so good. The place is gorgeous from the outside- dangling lights from the floor to ceiling window, the best way at spotting the restaurant from afar. Inside, it is full of dark wood, metallic features and a new outside conservatory with a retracting roof. 

The evening consist of tasting all the steaks The Black House have to offer along with the perfect wine pairings. Our steak and pairings were:
– Scotch Sirloin paired with Chateau de Chambert
– Longbow paired with Altos Lomas
– Galician paired with Tank
– Butchers Block Ribeye paired with Journeys End
– Butchers Block Sirloin paired Cabernet Franc
– Aust Fillet paired with Garnacha ‘Benabeleva’ 

Everything was cooked to perfection, medium rare which is the best. my favourite meat was oh course the fillet and then the Galician, which is retired dairy cows so the meat is so creamy (can you describe meat like that?)
The place itself is just gorgeous. Definitely will be taking Lee here for dinner one date night, or my family for Sunday Dinner. Do check the place out and let me know what you think.