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24 November 2016


My Mac Book has never looked this good!

I have spoken about this before,  but I love blogging in public. I find it so much easier to concentrate and to just get on with the work (no Scandal marathon to distract me!)

With going out into public, I like to ensure I am also protecting my dear Macbook Air (it's brand new so I want to make sure it's protected). So along with the carry case I purchased, I also go for either a hard case or a sticker to stop the back of the screen getting scratched. 

When the kind people of Case App asked me to try out their products for my Macbook and iPhone, I jumped at the chance. After all, being offered to try something that not only will keep my laptop safe but also look pretty- what's not to love about this offer? 

I first begin with the iPhone case. Firstly, I love this palm leaf design, it looks so sleek but there is also that little pop of colour. The plastic itself is strong; I wish I had this case on when I accidentally dropped my phone and cracked the screen- I have a feeling this would have helped! The price of £19.00 is not that bad, I have seen cases for a lot more and they feel flimsy, this I know is really protecting my phone (let's all pray the crack doesn't get worse!

I am in love with this mixed marble sticker for my Macbook Air. As someone who is an absolute klutz for putting these types of things on, this was surprisingly easy. I found it a breeze to line the apple up and the smooth out. The stick itself is quite thick so there were no air bubbles or pockets that I was scared about encountering. Because of how easy it is to put on, its just as easy to take off and try again, or store and mix and match with other stickers you may have. 

I got so many compliments on this design when I was taking the photos for this post, a true winner in my eyes as the perfect gift for that fashionable tech lover. At £22.00, for the quality you are getting, it's worth the investment. I will not be replacing this for a long time!

There are so many designs to chose from you will have difficulty picking just one for yourself (take the plunge and get a couple! With most of the designs you can get your phone to match your laptop- again another present idea for the tech lover in your life! If the designs are not jumping out at you, for an extra little cost, you can create your own. A sketch you have designed, a photo that you love, that quote that keeps you motivated throughout the day- anything you want!

The designs are shipped within a couple of days of ordering so you are not waiting around too long. Choose your own design from here and let me know which one you are crushing on. 


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