I am off on an adventure again! 

I spent the Halloween weekend travelling slightly towards home (to the outskirts of Lincolnshire) for my best friends wedding. 
To get there we took the good, old, somewhat reliable train down. Train travelling and long train journeys (those over an hour and a half) is something that I know too well and I have somewhat become accustomed to it. I have my favourite seats, my travel bag sorted and a routine that has become second nature. 
I would love to always travel first class to everywhere I go. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t always stretch to my high maintenance standards and you sometimes have to go where the cheap seats take you. Fortunately, my routine has now accommodated for this and I am able to provide you this simple handy guide for anyone who like me who needs to feel like they are always in first class. 

I am going to start with actually booking your tickets. The best time to book your travel on trains is roughly 12- 8 weeks prior to when you travel. You can take a risk by booking close to see if you get a bargain, but the prices are not going to beat what offers you can get a couple of weeks before. Trainline is the best place to look for tickets, they offer the best prices and tickets available on your mobile phone so you can avoid those long queues to go through the barriers; just flash your phone at a friendly station assistant and you are on your way!
My train outfits are always comfortable, there is no one here I am trying to impress! Where possible I rely on my comfy thick leggings from Topshop and a light jumper. In Autumn/ Winter you have no idea what temperature those coaches are going to be and there is always that one annoy commuter who is far too warm and cracks open a window to let the frosty air in. Pair this with easy flats that you can take off and put on a pair of cashmere socks if you need and a thick luxurious scale to wrap yourself in if it starts to get cold. 
Coat wise, I always travel in the coat that I am going wear the majority of my stay. Lucky for me this visit was short with not much need for outfit changes, so only my leather jacket was needed.  
Make up wise, unless I have somewhere to go the minute I get off the train, it is simple and basic. I have been obsessed this summer wearing Clinique’s Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser (the freckles came out to play and no amount of foundation can cover them without me looking too done) and I am riding out on how long I can wear it until I need to reach for my foundation again. A simple bit of eyeliner, light layer of mascara, slightest hint of blush and concealer to cover the bags under my eyes from the early train I got and I am good to go. 
Depending on how long and how much of your wardrobe you are taking depends on what luggage you are going to want to take. For me, no matter where I am travelling, I always take a suitcase with wheels, its just so much easier to glide through the station (yes I am that person who acts like every opportunity to walk is my catwalk). This suitcase is the cabin size for planes and is a bargain from Primark at £20.00. This bad boy got me through the airports at Barcelona and Jordan and many a train journey back home. Small enough that you are not that annoying person who takes up too much room on the luggage rack and light enough to grab quickly when you get off the train. 
 My handbag/ hand luggage is big but practical, because I know somehow I end up holding things for Lee that he wants on the train. For this journey I went with my satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company; its so easy to throw over one shoulder so my hands are free to wheel a suitcase and hold my coffee (more on that in a bit).

Prior to leaving, I always grab my treats at the station. This involves the following, a good magazine, a very large coffee and some breakfast. Sounds silly but there is something about working on my laptop on the train, sipping my coffee that makes the journey feel so much better. My laptop is kept in a protective case and carried in the Le Weekend tote bag from Oliver Bonas
And that’s it! I am all ready to rock and roll my way to the end of the platform. 
Be sure to check into the blog this week as not only will there be a post on my wedding guest outfit, but a there will be a mini travel post of the gorgeous place I am staying at (Manor house, just call me Lady Mary) and oh course a picture bursting post of the wedding. 
Ta ta for now peeps!