You know where I will be eating for the next couple of weeks…

In my area where I live in Leeds City Centre, we are a bit out of luck when it comes to restaurants. Sure we are only a 15 min walk into the City Centre, but sometimes you wish there were a few more places that were a five min walk from your house, somewhere where you can make a little effort but no need to dress up. 
Just my luck, a new restaurant has opened nearby and when I say nearby, I mean a 5 min walk from my flat (I’ve timed it). I have passed it whilst it was being developed wondering what was opening up there and when I got invited to the press opening I was so happy to finally find out what it was going to be. 
When you approach the restaurant, you may be put off by what it actually is. Simply a door with some stairs leading down to a basement you would be forgiven for thinking you had gone to the wrong place. The walls are covering in fake bags and lucky cats (which us bloggers got as a gift- which happily takes pride of place in my home)- all a take on the ladies market in Hong Kong. If you are after the best fakes, you are taken to the back to see the best of the best. You want the best Chinese food in Leeds, go down the rabbit hole Alice…

The whole feeling of the restaurant feels like I am in a huge shipping container, they make shift but it a really cool urban, chill vibe. The idea is your meal is at your pace, the food is cooked quickly as with most Asian food, but you write your numbers down on your card (depending on the dishes you are ordering) and hang it on your peg. Your waiter will grab it and take to the kitchen. The way you ask for the bill is pegging up your ‘I’m out’ card- which you could do the moment you have received your food for the ultimate quick lunch or later on after a few more of their delicious cocktails. 
But let’s talk about why you have actually clicked onto this post. You wanna see what the food is all about here. 
Follow me on down…

The dim sum is absolutely amazing, it’s also really authentic- particularly the Siu Mai. Other of my favourite dishes were the Singapore Flat Noodles, Sweet and Sour Chicken and Around the World Curry- which is delicious!! 
It’s great to finally have a good Chinese restaurant in Leeds, we have had a void for such a while that’s now been filled. Should my house run out of food or I cannot be arsed to turn on the oven, you know where to find me.

UPDATE: In my absolute sheer wisdom, I have realised that I have not actually told you where this place is! You will find it along Wellington Street, next to Lazy lounge. If you can’t find it you are clearly not looking hard enough.