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13 October 2016


Next month I will be turning 26 years old...

And I have to say I cannot wait. I enjoyed turning 25 last year (it was totally not as scary as I thought it would be) but more I head into my late twenties (I am over that hump now) the more I actually enjoy being a grown up.

I can honestly say that being in my late twenties is so much more fun than being in your early twenties. There is not much guess work to life, you have been there, done that and got the t shirt and nothing feels that much daunting anymore. There are other reasons why being in your late twenties, which is exactly I am going to list below right now....

1. Staying in is Better Than Going Out
This may sound very Grandma of me, but I very much like staying in in comfy clothes, a great read and an even better box set (Scandal has me hooked, so does Westward) Sure I do enjoy the odd night of getting dressed up and having a really good cocktail but nothing really beats a good night in.

2. When You Do Get Drunk, Your Hangover Handling Is Down To A T
That odd night you do go out on and drink a little more than you should, you know exactly how to make yourself feel somewhat human again. A gallon of water, that dash to McDonalds the night before and lots and lots of lying on the sofa waiting for the world to swallow you whole.

3. Big Knickers Rule
Forget having to wear uncomfortable pants to be sexy and attractable to the boys, I am settled now and happy in my being that Marks and Spencer is the go to place for my under garments. I wear big pants and I don't care who knows it.

4. You Have Adult Tastes And Do Not Care Who Knows It
 You like red wine (good red, nothing under £10.000, sourdough loafs, gin and tonics, porridge with seeds and fruits along with sparkling water. Your shopping basket looks so sophisticated if your parents took a look at it, they wouldn't recognise their own child.

5. Coffee is The Best Thing In The World
I swear my blood stream is made of 80% coffee and 20% blood. I understand now why all grown ups drink the stuff, not only is it tasty and delicious, but it has the added function of keeping you awake and feeling alive throughout the working day.

6. You Have Money
You have this thing called a job, your pretty good at it and you earn this thing called a salary. You earn a decent wage and after all the bills and rent and savings, you have a pretty decent amount of spending money. You no longer hyper- ventilate at the thought of paying £30.00 for a foundation or lipstick, you will still have plenty of pennies left over.

7. With The Extra Pennies Comes Saving
Putting money away for a rainy day is somewhat cool and very adulty. Saving up for things like furniture, a car or a house makes you realise you have hit that level of total adult- badass.

8. You Have Your Life In Complete Control
You have your own place to live in, a decent job, a great partner and great friends. There is no drama, no scariness; just calmness and control. You got this, so own it.

9. Your Skincare is No Longer Simple, And You Love It
My skin relies on a heavy bathroom side of products in order for my skin to look it I am in my early twenties. And I am really okay with that. I love treating myself to the best moisturisers, serums, face washes and cleansers. To be fair I don't look like I am in my early twenties and I am actually okay with that also.

10. Your Friends and Work Colleagues Are All Getting Married
Which means, you get to treat yourself to nice new dresses, make up and your hair done to look very pretty and glamorous for the day So many excuses to look pretty and have a good time.

11. Watching The News And Knowing What Is Going On In The World Is Cool
I watch the news every morning going to work and I use to do this whilst I was in high school and that was considered as weird. Now it is normal for grown ups to know what's going on in the world. Ask me anything about politics, I actually know things. It's also cool to vote and have an educated opinion- go figure.


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