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18 October 2016


My scent secret is finally out...

For the last six months I have been wearing the same perfume and have been loving it so much it has now become my signature scent. I am always getting compliments on how good it smells and what fragrance I am wearing that even they are shocked when I tell them what it is. 

Trust me when I started investing in it, even I was shocked at how good it is. I am not a fan of scents and perfumes unless they are from a professional, a store or brand that specialises in this craft. But desperate times (a week before Pay Day) call for desperate needs and on an impulse I purchased this scent: Rosie for Autograph Eau de Parfum.  A predominantly rose based perfume, the fragrance is just perfect for me. Light, airy, floral without being to sweet and pretty- it is the perfect classic scent. And for a eau de perfum, the price is not bad at all at £28.00- I mean it is an absolute bargain!

The scent itself last for a really long time and it has started to linger on my items of clothing that I wear the most, which is a feel that I just adore- when you put on that top and you get that faintest hint of floral goodness. You also do not need a lot for the scent to last a while, so the 75ml goes a long, long way. 

I honestly cannot rave enough about this product, so much goodness and luxury at hardly any cost! 


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