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10 October 2016


My dressing table has had a little glamorous update...

There have been so many times and so many opportunities that I had got through blogging that make me grateful for my blog. This was just one of these time when a big cardboard box arrived on my doorstep full of goodies.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a hair appointment with SHOW Dry in Harvey Nichols where my hair got treated to a blow dry and tested out a few products from their new collection. Since my new treats were delivered to my house, I have not stopped using them to ensure that I can give an honest and accurate review of them. 

Lets start with where you begin with your haircare regime, in the shower. SHOW Beauty have recently started a line of shampoo and conditioners to help ensure your locks start in the best condition. For myself I received the Sublime Repair Shampoo and the Sublime Repair Conditioner. Infused with quinoa protein, known to reinforce hair fibres and provide protection from cuticle abrasion. The products are formulated without parabens and sulphates so they do not lather up as much as you normally expect but they still do their job. After only using them for three days, the damage from using heat tools and lack of a hair cut in a while has be reversed; my hair is soft, touchable and full- bodied. 

For quick and on the go beauty, I have started using the Riche Leave- in Conditioner. The product is small but mighty, with extracts of caviar and white truffle help this condition to ensure my hair is smooth, knot- free and every bit glamorous. 

For my thin, flat hair I love using the Divine Thickening Lotion. Like a push up bra for your hair, this provides luxurious and light hair. Be careful to not use too much of this stuff, too much and your hair becomes a little greasy which no one wants. Just the right amount and I have the thick bouncy hair I have always wanted. 

Once my hair is dried and styled, I keep it in place with the Premiere Finishing Spray. Weightless but effective, this spray not only smells amazing but is also effective. Whilst also holding your hair in its gorgeous style, the Pro- Vitamin B repairs damage while the wheat protein replenishes and adds moistures the hair to its natural texture. 

For an evening pampering routine, I am now in love with Sublime Repair Treatment Mask, a once of week goddess- like locks. Containing many, many good ingredients to deeply nourish for exquisitely sleek and glossy hair. The product also smells amazing; leave in overnight and rinse out thoroughly for amazing baby soft hair. 

I was also gifted with the Allure Body Shimmer Oil; not a product for your hair but a treatment for your skin. I have only used this once on a night out where my skin was nourished and glowing as if I had been on holiday- minus the tan. Not a product you use every day, but certainly something that I will whip out when my skin needs an extra boost.

I love these products I really do. Not only does my dressing table look like the boss, but they smell amazing and work. I do not like using them all the time (saving them so they last the long haul) but for special occasions like my best friend's wedding this month- I know I am going to have such good looking hair (and glory skin!)


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