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28 October 2016


Are you ready for a Fall- tactic post?

I like to think that when it comes to my squad- I am the member of the group that comes up with the most unusual outings. 

So I was not surprised when I suggested that we go pumpkin picking last Saturday (a. because I wanted to do this forever, and b. because I wanted the awesome Instagram shots) there were one or two members of the squad that were not so keen. 

Not that this matter, your squad is a democracy and after the majority vote won, all five of us squashed ourselves into Danny's car and we were on our way to a mini road trip. 

Welcome to Farmer Copleys, a quaint working farm in West Yorkshire not too far from Leeds. The farm boost local wildlife, a gorgeous farmer shop and cafe but most importantly a field full of orange delights for us to pick. We just didn't realise when we arrived how big it would be...

We counted at least five fields full of pumpkins to pick but in all honesty there could have been more. Overwhelmed by the size of it and the fact that white and blue pumpkins actually exist and were available to pick, the group darted off in search of their perfect pumpkin. 

A few of us took the opportunity of the gorgeous landscape to have a mini photoshoot. Think Country Life magazine, but with a little more chicness. 

Oh course you have met me, but I had to show off my country chic outfit. Didn't Danny do such a good job with the shots? 

Now for Danny...

Danny is my BAE and just a beautiful person to hang around with. 

Anyway back to the pumpkin picking. Photoshoot over, we went in search of a wheel barrow to actually transport our pumpkins in. If you are planning to do some last minute pumpkin picking before Halloween- be sure to grab one of these bad boys before going into the field. They are like gold dust! 

So are these bad boys. Would you believe white pumpkins are really hard to find?!? 

We eventually found a pumpkin patch that was clearly created for myself. Not wasting time, we grabbed our desired pumpkins and made our way to the checkout area. 

Not before another impromptu photoshoot for Country Lifestyle Magazine...

Honestly, one of the best day out with my squad. It reminded me of being back in Lincolnshire; living in a City Centre I hardly ever get to visit the countryside. It was just so much fun to be outdoors, relaxing in the countryside and catch up with people that due to very busy lives, I hardly get to see as much as I want. 

Grab your pumpkin this weekend in time for the big day on Monday and if you don't carve it, it will last all November as a cute Autumn decoration. 


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