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24 October 2016


The UK is so cold! I am not sure what happened but when it hid mid October, the temperature suddenly dropped and it is freezing! I have got my first cold of the season, I feel awful. 

Yay for Autumn....

Prior to becoming Typhoid Mary, I had a lovely time wandering around my local neighbourhood wearing my awesome Del Boy coat. In all honesty, its just a shearling coat that I picked up from my work's sample sale- but I am rocking Del Boy chic on this lovely Autumn afternoon. I paired it simply with this gorgeous La Redoute tee which is soft and my ultimate fave pair of jeans. I also pulled out my boots from their hiding places as they are finally now going to be used. 

As much as I love Autumn, there are some downsides. I am hoping this cold will go soon but for now I am curling up on my sofa and hoping this past soon. 


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