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4 October 2016


Warning- this post is going to make you drool....

I am always excited to hear about a new restaurant opening in Leeds, but I was particularly excited when I discovered that Bossa was opening up near the Corn Exchange. At the beginning, I was entirely sure what the restaurant was all about (other than the works meat, chargrilled and Rio were tossed about when it came up in conversation) so when my invite came to test out the food- I couldn't possibly say no.

The restaurant itself has a very relaxed and yet urban creative environment. It's got that perfect combination of being cosy whilst also being fresh and bright. The restaurant is all you can eat meat lunch and dinner- so the space itself caters for both.

A very simple menu, lunch starts at £12.90 and dinner at £17.90 with two simple unlimited sides included. You can get other sides at £2.00 each- an absolute bargain. The drinks are also amazing- the gin cocktail is a must to order.

Meat wise, you have so much to choose from, steak, sausages and chicken. So much choice and everything you can to eat available. Simple take what you can and as soon as you are done, flip the cow to red or plead to the waiters to bring no more. If they will listen to you, they will try as hard as they can to convince you that one more piece will be fine! 

This place is perfect for gathering with friends before a good night out or if you really want to impress the lad you are dating with your stomachs capabilities. Visit their Twitter page here for more details. 


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