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21 September 2016


It's funny how a clean out makes you calculate how much your your beauty collection is actually worth....

About a year ago, I calculated the exact total of my lipstick collection here and the post went down like a storm. My exact collection cost £273.00 which is a lot when you think about it! Seeing as how you lovely readers enjoyed the post so much, I decided to recreate it to my current situation- I thought it was time to start counting again. 

So again for your entertainment only (and my buyers remorse), here is a breakdown of my current lipstick collection 2.0:

Total Collection Cost: £317.48

I sorry to swear, holy sh*t!1 That's a lot of money!! That's so much money! I didn't even think it had gone up that much, and I have not even counted the lip pencils!! That's it, yet again I am on a spending beauty band....

What's the value of your lip collection?


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