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2 September 2016


There is nothing better on a Sunday than a good roast. 

It is one of my favourite things about being British. It's up there with cups of tea and complaining about the weather.

There are however some rules with Sunday Roast. You must dress casually (now is not the time for the tight dress), you have to indulge (there is no diet or healthy eating with this meal) and you must take your time and savour every moment of this delicious dish.

Now, how casual do you have to go you ask?

Yes I do have the same initials as the Queen. Always knew I was royalty. 

In my opinion, trainers belong in a gym and I haven't really worn them since I went travelling to Jordan, but today I really could not be arsed with my loafers. They are surprisingly comfortable (you guys already knew that).

There are many different places you can go for Sunday Roast; mum's house is always the best option. The second best option, and the best option for Leeds in my eyes, happens to be down Call Lane....

I have spoken about The Black Swan here and ever since I cast my eye on their Sunday menu- I have been dying to try it out. So I grabbed Becca (she is fast becoming my best eating out buddy) and we headed on down for some ultimate comfort.

Only in Yorkshire would they even consider providing free Yorkshire tea as part of the deal. Now the ultimate decision- pork, beef or lamb?

Becca went beef, I went lamb- it's one of my favourite meats. It was cooked perfectly not too chewy and perfectly seasoned. Serve with the roast trimmings; potatoes, carrots and oh course the Yorkshire Pudding. The lamb also came with a serving of mint sauce which is a bit delicious. 

As a side we ordered some cauliflower cheese, because there is nothing wrong with that at all! Cauliflower cheese is the ultimate comfort dish, its cheesy, its gooey, it's to die for! 

Get down early though, Sunday roasts finish at 6:00pm so get down early! 

I have to ask- roast wise, what meat do you chose? 


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