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28 September 2016


There's a new brunch menu at one of my favourite spots... 

Like animals when they sense a change in the season, my other half and I sense that something was different and after a very quick troll on Instagram (mine is here if you are interested) we found the answer- a new brunch selection at The Ox Club. 

Like the unfed adults we were (there's not been much in the fridge. I've been lazy, he's been... well himself) we grabbed our coats and headed into town for some food...

Yet again the food is delicious, if you only eat one thing, you have to try the French Toast with banana and bacon (the bacon elevates the dish to a whole new level!) They are also now offering free refills on filtered coffee, meaning you can get yourself caffeine- up ready for the rest of your day. 

The interior is light and fresh, white walls and greenery. There is a mixture of being polish and professional, mixed in with a chilled and relax vibe that should always be there when you are brunching it up on a Sunday. 

I don't know how they do it at The Ox Club but somehow they manage to combine flavours that you would never think would work together and create dishes that are beyond your expectations. When I eventually get around to doing my city guide of Leeds, this is one of the brunch places that I will demand you go to. Trust me, you will not be let down. 

Check The Ox Club out here on Twitter and Instagram and when you are done drooling over your keyboard, grab some pals and get yourself down there. 


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