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27 September 2016


Don't laugh,  but this was my first festival I had ever gone to....

Your laughing aren't you? As a kid I was never into the whole music vibe, camping, dirty hair combination so I was never desperate to explore the festival scene. I must admit that recently I have wanted to explore this world (I thinking Leeds Fest next year...) but for now I will stick to OnRoundHay being my first and setting my festival expectations high.

My gorgeous friend and fellow blogger Lucinda from The Fashion Fictionary invited me as her plus one to the festival and oh course I could not say no to an afternoon of sunshine fun with her! After a slight style malfunction (poor Primark heels!) we arrived at Roundhay and proceeded to enter the festival to begin to explore. 

OnRoundHey is a relatively new festival bringing live music directly to Roundhay Park for the first time in years. I have written about my Roundhay Park adventures here but nothing in comparison to this....

Because Luc is a babe, she managed to snag us VIP wristbands and after a little wonder around the festival, we finally found the VIP section of the festival; the section I was born to be a part of! The cocktail tent was to die for, along with the cocktails themselves. Promising only to be there for a few minutes before going out to explore more; three cocktails and a couple of hours later in the sunshine on the deck chairs, we knew we weren't moving any time soon.

We were soon joined by fellow blogger/ gorgeous friend Ally from Digital Diva who managed to snag a VIP wristband for. 

Well hello gorgeous! Don't you guys look pretty! 

Do you know what will make you look even more beautiful? Have you ever met a girl who didn't love glitter? 

I fell in loved with this. I got my hair dip dyed in the glitter and also a little on my face. Told you I could get use to festival life!

After a few more cocktails and getting glittered up, we decided to leave the VIP area to explore some more to discover the food on offer and enjoy the live music. 

 Somehow we wondered into the children's area of the festival and met some childhood friends. In my usual excited (and slightly tipsy) manner, I was so happy to see a particular favourite friend...

Yes Ally, I see you there! Spot was honestly one of my favourite characters when I was younger. It was like a fan girl moment seeing him, but not as much of a fan girl moment when I met this special lady.....

I am one of the biggest fans of Masterchef so when I heard that not only was Liz Cottam was at the event but Ally is also friends with her- you could have knocked me over with a small gust of wind. Suddenly she was right there next to me and I had yet again one of my fan girl moments (so embarrassing!) but it was worth it. Liz was such a lovely and sweet person and I am excited to hear more about her residency at The New Ellington.

The whole event was great, the weather turned out perfectly for it. I am so glad I was lucky enough to be invited as a plus one to this festival, it was a truly great experience.


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