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22 August 2016


Photo Credit | La Redoute

It has come to my attention that I have a pretty decent blog squad...

I have always known that my blogger friends are some of the best bunch (and it is exciting to meet people that I can call friends) but I have realised that as a bunch we are pretty much there for each other. Always. It's like an exciting reunion when we get together and this happens almost every week.

There are so many advantages to having a blog squad (yes I am claiming this) which are quite different to your regular squad. I love my original squad but unfortunately they are not so forgiving when you are taking your time to get the perfect flat lay. Enter the list of all the advantages of having a #blogsquad:

Outfits are always on fleek
Everyday is an opportunity to get that great style shot for the blog or Instagram, so our outfits are always stylish and ready. We have to look out for each other though, it you spot a fellow blog squad member's hair out of place, you got to let them know! 

The paparazzi are always following you
Because the paparazzi are you fellow blog squad members; always armed with some type of photo taking device and know the best angles for you! They love taking photos and you love love helping them out for their 'candid' moment shots. They are happy to be in the background of your shots at events and oh course you are happy to pose also.

They enjoy eating cold food like you do
When you all order the prettiest dish on the menu, it means photo op time. That means waiting for everyone to have their fair share of photo time, so it's time to be patient until it is your time. Luckily we all share in factor in common so no complaining of hunger. 

Support, support, support
You need a picture liking they are there for you. You need a tweet promoting, they are ready to help you with the right hashtags and retweets. Help with composition, you have so many creative minds on board. Want to take your blog to the next stage, you have a mountain of advice at your feet. So much support to be grateful for.

There are many more reasons, but I am hungry for a snack and there's nothing in the flat so I am flagging (a little bit of honesty there for you). Who's in your blog squad?


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