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24 August 2016


I was never good at science at school...

I hated physics, biology was not my forte (I fainted twice in two separate dissection classes- one with the eye ball and one with the lung) but chemistry I was okay with. I think it was something to do with the chemical equations, I wasn't great at maths but I understood algebra and formulas. Chemistry was the only bit I looked forward to with science so when I was invited to play with flame throwers, Bunsen burners and dry ice whilst alcohol was involved; I jumped at the chance!

I must put a full warning out now that this was all done with health and safety at the top of of everyone's priority. We had a professional to hand and I want to quickly put out there that NO ONE is to try this at home!! 

The Alchemist is a pretty cool bar located in Trinity Leeds (there is also a second bar on Greek Street) and one of my favourite places to visit (see posts here, also here and also here). So when I was invited to take part in a cocktail masterclass I jumped at the chance! In a private part of the bar, your own bartender will talk you through the essentials of cocktail making and help you create your own cocktails. These are not just the typical shake and stir, this involves props and equipment that no one thought a cocktail required! 

We were given a welcome cocktail and learnt to make three, but if I am honest I have no pictures or memory of the third cocktail, the first three were just that good! Poor bartender did not stand a chance the more inebriated we got! What I will say is that it was called Bounty: Koko Kanu, Coconut Water, Briottet White Chocolate and Lime and it tasted exactly like a bounty chocolate bar!

BTW, this is technically the fringes first appearance on the blog or social media. What do you think? I haven't had a fringe in three years and thought it was time to bring it back.

Our first cocktail was a Key Lime Pie: Bacardi Rum, Midori, Koko Kanu, Apple, Lime and Vanilla Meringue Foam. The basic part of the drink is shaking the liquid but to top off the key lime pie us the vanilla meringue foam. That part is a little fun, especially when you get to the use for the the flame thrower...

Now that's a face you can trust with fire...

I am now a master cocktail connoisseur! Well almost there, there is just one more cocktail to master before I become a pro...

This one is the Lightbulb Moment: Tanqueray Gin, Pimms, Ginger Beer, Raspberry, Lemon and Mint. This one did involve a Bunsen burner and dry ice and the results were pretty cool...

 This one was my personal favourite- gin, pimms; what is not to like! 

The masterclasses come at two prices. £30.00 or £35.00 per person for between six to nine people. You can book your masterclass at Trinity Leeds here on the website. This would be perfect for a birthday party, hen night or even for a work Christmas party, the later option comes with a delicious food snack option. 

Which cocktail was your favourite? 


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