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3 August 2016


There is always a story or two to tell in Leeds...

And today's tale is all about a new cafe that has opened up near Roundhay Park in Leeds. Stories is located on Roundhay Road and offers the best of Nordic style. Scandinavian design and Instagram worthy food, they are offering some of the best artisan coffee using local roasters such as Origin and North Star. 

One lazy Sunday Lee and I took a trip away from the city centre to check it out. Settling into a quiet corner, we sat down with a cold press juice, coffee and brunch. 

The portions are small but I suppose this is okay if you are looking for a light meal or a couple of plates to share. I loved the cold press juices, the green machine as I am calling it is delicious! I love the idea also of the prosciutto ham wrapped around the toast sticks- added a little something extra to a someone nostalgic dish. 

The place itself is light and airy, filled with green plants, textured clay dishes and Scandi wood. I love the boards they use to serve the food on,very different to anything else that I have seen in my usual brunch spots. My only complaint, if I was to have one- is how far away it is from the city centre. If you live in the neighborhood you will be fine- but for us it was a special taxi ride and a long way to walk home to enjoy. 

For the sake of extra exercise, I would visit again, and you guys should too. 


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