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12 August 2016


I love a good pampering evening...

Every Sunday I love to just do nothing. I mean NOTHING. Well, as close to nothing as I can, for me that means washing, ironing, a bit of cleaning, food prep, a couple of blog posts and then nothing! 

My pamper time normally involves a body scrub, a hair mask, face oils and oh course a face mask. Recently I invested in the new L'Oreal Pure Clay Facial Masks, which are little treat for your skin. I went with the detox and glow mask; containing charcoal and red clay. For a clay mask they are incredibly creamy and gentle on your skin.

The glow mask doesn't set, perfect for those who don't like that feeling of botox on your face! The mask also has grain inside it, allowing you to really exfoliate the skin while you are taking it off. The detox mask does what it says on the pot- everything is literally sucked out of your face leaving it so soft and clean!!

I am loving these masks and whilst they are currently on offer- you need to pick them up now!


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