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1 August 2016

Picnic Times*

The one thing I love about summer is going on picnics...

It seems to be a very British thing; load up a picnic basket, find a nice spot in the park and eat some good food while you enjoy another British past time of people watching. Unfortunately, on the day Lee and I ventured out it was not that sunny and even began to rain half way through. But that didn't stop us having some fun and again, as previously mentioned, tucking into some food!

When packing for a picnic you need to go light and you need to go full of flavours. This is where Tacklements comes in; the condiment connoisseurs. They believe in creating condiments that have the ability to transform even the simplest of dishes into something sublime! These little tester pots were perfect for the picnic, along with our treats- we took along with us some smooth Dijon mustard, original onion marmalade and country garden chutney.

Sadly our picnic was cut short with the rain but we made do with as a long as we could- I mean we are English and we are made to be robust in this weather. After having a little nibble, we took a walk around Roundhay Park- have you ever been? It such a gorgeous park, full of gardens and walking paths. And oh course, Tropical World, which I have still never been to! Maybe next time.


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