It was the day after a blogging event and I was a little hungover…

As such I was hankering for attention and brunch. There’s been a place that I have wanted to try out for ages and after a bit of whining, I finally got my way…

It’s called Friends of Ham and I have been here for dinner but never for brunch. You can find it on New Station Street in Leeds, where this charcuterie serves up delicious meat and cheese platters. As such, I had no idea what I was in for in terms of the brunch menu but was pleasantly surprised. 

BTW, Rudy is back on the blog again, but only for a short time. Sadly he is abandoning me for his education (so selfish) and is moving to Glasgow in a few days to gain his PHD (the accent and doctorate is going to go down so well with the ladies). Which means less spontaneous coffee dates but a nice excuse for a trip post to a city I have always wanted to go to so, there is a slight win win here. 

The one thing you should try is the French Toast loaded with bath chaps and maple syrup. Delicious and tastefully sinful. The other options our table tested was the Chorizo Monsieur; made with chorizo and cheddar bĂ©chamel- a delightful twist on a classic; and finally the Portobello mushrooms with poached eggs, spinach and bĂ©arnaise sauce- very veggie friendly if you do not have it with the Culaccia di Parma ham. 

I am so glad I forced the guys to go, it was worth the wait! I will oh course be coming back to do a post on their evening menu, which if the brunch tickled your fancy; you are going to love the meat platters!