This recipe brings back such nostalgic memories of holidays in the South of France…

French Yogurt cake is the simplest of cakes to make. Everyone in France knows how to make this cake and I first remember trying this on one of my many holidays with my family to South of France. It’s sweet but not too in your face (considering the amount of sugar in it) and is so light and satisfying! You normally eat it plain, but I saw this recipe featured on one of my favorite blogger’s site and I adore raspberries- so I had to include them!
(Makes one large cake)
–  500g of plain natural yogurt
– 1 mug of self- raising flour
– 1/2 mug of caster sugar
– 2 tbsp vanilla extract
– 3 free- range eggs
– 2 tbsp olive oil
– raspberries (optional)


Pre- heat the oven to 180 C. Pour in the yogurt, flour and sugar into a bowl and mix together. Add the egg, vanilla extract and oil, beating the mixture until you get a light smooth texture.



Add the berries and bake for 30- 45 minutes, until you poke it with a cocktail stick and it comes out clean. My oven is quite strong so it took a little less time; just keep an eye on it and go from there.



So light and so moist! It is the perfect treat to keep you going. Have it with a cuppa, settle down with your favourite film and enjoy some me time.
Take me back to the South of France!!