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6 July 2016

This Is New Look

Another day, another sucessful shoot with my very own paparazzi. This time I just had to get my travel outfit shot by Matt McCormick, as I am a little in love with this bomber jacket. Recently I headed to one of my favourite cities London to visit New Look PR team, for a manicure and an introduction to the #thisisnewlook campaign. 

All you have to do is tag your gorgeous New Look item or outfit with the hashtag and your outfit will be available to be seen on the New Look website. This is a brand new campaign not quite officially launched but you can still see the outfits that other people are creating. 

Let's get back to this bomber jacket- which I am in love with! This jacket is so on trend right now and I love the silky material. it helps to make me look less round. Pair with a simple white tee, black jeans and flats you really cannot go wrong with it. 

Be sure to tag me in any of your #thisisnewlook outfits I would love to see your pictures.


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