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1 July 2016

Supper Club At Northern Monk

My fiance has this habit of telling me about places here in Leeds. God knows why, but I tend not to listen to him; then suggest going myself a few months later which results with him wanting to bang his head against a wall....

Northern Monk is one of those places, so when I got invited to go to their supper club to try the new menu, rather than getting frustrated at another suggestion I didn't listen to, he gladly joined me for a night of delicious food and some even tastier beer. 

There have been some changes at Northern Monk, with Grub & Grog moving into a new residency, it was time for new change in terms of the food serve. Enter the new menu, which combine fresh flavors, gorgeous looking plates and a melody of the sense all onto one pate.  

Our first top was through the establishment's Brewery. Now, I am not going to lie to you readers, I have no idea when it comes to beer. No clue what so ever. What I can tell you it is unique, it is tastes good (this is the consensus from the boys) and they made a Neapolitan ice cream flavor beer. 

The food is insanely good! All the food is fresh flavours, with such good natural ingredients. Some of my favourite dishes were the trout, cucumber and sea herbs dish, the venison tartar (loved this dish!) with rye bread crisps and strawberries, pepper and elderflower desert. I am so glad Northern Monk have started doing their own food- this is a great edition to the Leeds food scene.


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