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25 July 2016

Summer Is Finally Here

The hot weather has finally come to the UK!

It is starting to get that little bit warmer but whilst we have been enjoying Mediterranean temperatures at the moment, the weather is finally settling down to a nice medium level of warmness to enjoy. I don't know about you but I always fine dressing in the summer hard- when you live in a city you cannot dress in short shorts and vest tops as if you are on holiday. Lucky for me, this top is light and perfect for this weather. The black jeans may have been a bad choice seeing as I was sweltering but I think it goes with the look. Next time though- definitely going with the ripped jeans.

I am also wearing espadrilles for the first time I think in forever, and find them really comfortable. I feel the need/ want to invest in more pairs but my shoe collection is getting a little out of hand...


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