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20 July 2016

Late Night Espresso & Spritz

Leeds is like mini London...

It's starting to open later and later, more independent, good eateries are popping up and the city is becoming cooler by the minute. One addition to the evening scene is La Bottega Milanese, one of my favourite independent coffees which is now opening late at night on a Friday. 

Last Friday I went to a celebratory event in honour of La Bottega Milanese Bond Court location is now opening late night on a Friday until 9:00pm. The business section of the city has a new after work hang out with a perfect open space for those hot summer days (I write this as I am sweltering indoors on the hottest day of the year!) and a great selection of Italian spirits and liquor; including Aperol to make a delicious Aprerol Spritz.

What's in an Aperol Spritz? Why prosecco and a dash of Aperol oh course! It is a beautiful, fresh drink- perfect for a Friday evening.

I have raved about La Bottega before, but I cannot take the time rave enough  about it. The space is so cool and simplistic- the coffee is great, and the best thing everyone is welcomed...

Look at this gorgeous face! Poppy here is a bit of regular VIP at the place, so if you happen to be in the area be sure to stop and say hello!


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