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13 July 2016

Brunch At Grub & Grog

My detective skills for finding a new brunch spot are known across my circle of friends...

So I heard on the brunch grape vine that Sheaf Street Cafeteria was moving (where did you go?!?) and that an existing company was  taking it's place. What I didn't realise was it would be Grub & Grog would be taking it's place- so naturally for the benefit of you readers, I HAD to go and check the brunch scene out...

The building and the layout is still the same, much like in my previous post, but it does have some what of a brighter and fresher atmosphere. The food is worth travelling to taste. It is delicious, you must have a homemade crumpet and the eggs of the week- it changes every week! Ours were with asparagus, cabbage and cooked to perfection! I cannot wait to go back and have the veggie breakfast sandwich- it sounds heavenly! 

Leeds is so good for independent food and this is the perfect addition to the scene. 


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