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8 July 2016

Bath Time Luxury

Like any other person after a long day at work, I love nothing more than getting home and relaxing.
And nothing is more better than a bath, especially in my new apartment as it is that big I could practically swim in it!

I love filling the bath with everything; salts, bubbles and a good old bath bomb. But nothing is more luxurious than a bath oil and Olverum brings that extra bit of class to and already enjoyable bath. The smell of this will make you sleep like a baby! 

Surprising to know, Olverum has a long standing heritage, founded by a regular Frankfurt mountain spa goer. The natural pure essential oil blend makes it truly one of the finest therapeutic treatments and a perfect addition to a pampering bath time routine. Combining Siberian fir needle, exotic verbena, rosemary, lemon peel, lime, lavender and eurcalyptus is a gorgeous intoxicating mixture and has become one of my little luxuries. 

Just a few drops in your bath and you are instantly eased of any stress you had, tension is gone and you are brought back to yourself. The product also helps to aid sleep, stimulate circulation and relieve aching muscles and clear a block sinuses (perfect for hayfever season).

This gorgeous product is the newest and perfect addition to my bathroom. Now all I need is another excuse for a bath. Does feeling bad after buying a few too many shoes count?


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