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4 July 2016

An Evening At The Food Academy

In Leeds you find fine dining in the most surprising of places....

Now I wasn't expecting to find an a la carte menu on a college campus, but that is exactly how I found myself one evening. With my plus one in crime Becca, we headed to Leeds City College's Printworks Campus for an evening of food and drinks. 

Nothing much surprising there, as I have been invited to so many events recently, I seem to never be eating at home (good for my soul and the blog, bad for the diet). But the level of service and food was something I wasn't expecting to experience. I don't know what I thought I was mean to experience; wait no I know what I was expecting. As a once fellow student, I somehow thought the food would be that of what myself my fellow housemates would attempt to make when making gourmet food. 

So let me stop rambling and explain exactly where we were and what we were up to. The Leeds City College's Prinkworks Campus Food Academy restaurant is a training restaurant and provides commercial experience and training for students enrolled on vocational Catering and Hospitality courses at the college. It is open to the public during the academic year (during the summer the students head home for a much needed break) but the deli is open throughout the year. The restaurant offers contemporary menus which are prepared and served under the supervision of highly qualified hospitality professionals. 

So what can I tell you about the food. The food itself was perfect; everything was styled so well, the produce was local and freshly source and the flavours were paired together perfectly. My favourite dish had to be the pork belly dish, that pork belly was to die for it was that delicious! 

It's really hard to grasps that the food was made by 16/ 17 year old's (yes I also felt like I had achieved nothing in my life when I found out their age) and I  guess that is the charm of the restaurant itself. I cannot wait to see where their careers will go and make sure you get a table as soon as you can! 


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