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18 July 2016

A Blogging Masterclass

photo by Matt McCormick

So a little while back I was invited to a bloggers brunch by Jaywing PR, for a little lesson in being the most awesome blogger you can be...

photo by Matt McCormick

photo by Matt McCormick

It was my first event of this kind and I was honored to be in the present of one of my favourite bloggers Hannah Gale, who came along to give a talk on taking blogging to the next step. 

I found this talk so beneficial as I am in that place with my blog where I am ready to take the leap and see where I can go with it; but also a little scared at the same time. I always think that this type of conversation is a little controversial; wanting to blog full time for a living. But in my eyes, living my life and earning money to do it- doesn't sound too bad! However, I enjoy that blogging is a hobby and I do want to apply too much pressure to my baby. For now I am testing the waters and seeing where it goes! 

Back to the actual talk; it was great getting some honest advice from a very down to earth blogger. She has been there, done that and got the t shirt (or maybe the tote bag) so who better to get advice from than the expert. Some of her tips included: 

- Be yourself! No one wants to read the same content over and over again. I am grateful that those who read my blog do it because they like my uniqueness. Be yourself and don't try and copy anyone else! 

- Be social savy. Remember when Snapchat wasn't really a thing? Then boom!! Everyone was using it and even I use it for the odd Snapvlogging! Be aware of the latest social media trend and keep on top of them. 

- Get involved! Say hello to everyone you meet at events. Keep in touch with contacts you make and keep a good working relationship. Blogger friends are the best. The more involve you are, the more opportunities will come your way. 

- Know your worth. You do not have to do everything for free just because you got sent it. You also do not have to accept and write about every free product you are offered. Be selective about the opportunities you take on. Don't be afraid to ask if there is a budget should you wish to do sponsored- you never know until you try!

- Clean sites are the best to navigate. That does not mean a clear, white background blog. Though I love it, it is not for everyone. Just ensure that the layout is easy to navigate and easy to read for your followers. 

I recently did a post on blogging 101, which if you enjoyed this post I am sure you will like it also!

Thank you Jaywing PR for the invite! I found it so beneficial and inspiring!


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