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8 June 2016

Lee's Amazing BBQ Cola Sticky Pull Pork

Today, my other half is making a guess appearance on the blog as the creator of this delicious recipe.

So last Christmas I got Lee a slow cooker. It was something he has wanted for ages but in our old flat, there wasn't much room for him to actually get it out an use it. I say not much, there was none- our kitchen for a pair of foodies was TINY. 

Now it brand- spanking new apartment (house tour coming very soon- as soon as I have finished decorating. I should be done in seventeen years...) there is enough room to swing a pig around in our kitchen and cook it up in a delicious recipe. This weather has been amazing for us English folk recently that when the opportunity comes about- we jump at the chance to do anything to do with the nice weather. In this incident, Lee stuck a pig into the slow cooker for 8 hours and then proceeded to chill on the balcony with Rudy (the French Man) and a couple of beers waiting for the piggy to be done. 

This is that perfect easy recipe where you can simple leave it alone to do it's magic. If you do not have a slow cooker you can recreate it with a huge pan and an oven on a very low heat. 

A little thing on the pork- go for shoulder and go to your local butcher. Not only will they point you in the right direction of the best type of meat, they will prep you it read (if in doubt as them to take the bone off the majority of the meat so it will fall off and also ensure your meat doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan.) In terms of size, it depends on your food party. A small joint for a couple- but in all honesty you do not make this meal just for two people. The joint used by us was a medium size, 

(serves a small army)
- pig shoulder joint 
- one jar of BBQ sauce (smokey, tangy, sweet- whatever is your taste)
- 1 small bottle of Coke a Cola (not the ltr one, the travel size one)
- salt and pepper 
- your choice of veggies to roast, we went with carrots and potatoes

Place the shoulder joint in the slow cooker and tip in the BBQ sauce and the Cola. Season and turn on the slow cooker and leave the meat cooking for seven hours. However gorgeous the smell is, resit lifting the lid. Be patient and you will be rewarded. 

There really isn't much to this recipe after this. Cook your chosen veggies within the time frame of the meat. Lay the food out, pull the meat apart and serve with some delicious bread buns. 

I feel like you guys have no excuse to not try this recipe. It is so simple and easy, and so SO tasty! I am begging Lee to do this again this weekend- fingers cross the weather is lovely! 


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