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24 June 2016


I do love my fellow Leeds bloggers...

I honestly belong to a great group of ladies (and a few lads) and our blogging community is so friendly and joyful. When I first started going to events and meeting these lovely lot, they welcomed me with open arms and I have some firm friends within this field. 

As part of what I am calling my blogger week, I wanted to show you guys and also celebrate some of my faves from Leeds/ West Yorkshire/ Manchester (quite frankly, we are taking over!) Whether you love reading food posts, adore a good fashion shoot, want to know about the best in beauty or simply want some advice; you have a great selection to choose from:

Let me know who you like and if you have any other blogs you think we should be following. Make sure you are also following the hashtag #leedsbloggers for updates; as well as following me on Twitter and Facebook for all things blog related. 


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