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7 June 2016

Drink Better Not More

Leeds Loves Cocktails Week is finally underway...

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, LLC is right up your street! Having recently gone to their press event (and become the creator of my own cocktail!), I was so excited when I got invited to an exclusive private event giving us one on one time with some of the top bartenders in Leeds. 

Myself, Hayley and Jenna went to The Maven Bar in Leeds and camped down in the private bar, for a private lesson in all things cocktails. 

We started by learning how to make a batch of Old Fashion, using an entire bottle of some of the best Bourbon Whiskey. Our poison of choice was a gorgeous Woodford Reserve. We blended it with sugar, bitters and orange peel. Simply chuck into a Kilmer jar, Shake and leave for as long as you can bare not to drink! The minimum I would say is an hour, as you really want all the bourbon to mix with those flavours.

Serve on some rocks (no straw) with an orange twirl.

We finished off learning about how to make a long forgotten cocktail that I didn't even know existed. Meet the Clover Club, a delicious gin cocktail that has been missing from my life! Made with raspberry syrup (or in our case Chambord) gin, lemon juice and egg white, this cocktail is utterly delicious on a summers day.

The best thing I loved about the event was the amount of time the bartenders spent with us, teaching us how to make the cocktails to our Goldilocks standard. I also got some great tips for creating my bar cart, which will be happening in the new apartment. I have convinced Lee it is essential to the blog that I create the ultimate bar cart (whatever lets me get my own way).

I hope you enjoy Leeds Loves Cocktails, let me know what events you went to!


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