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20 June 2016

A Little Blogging Update

So I have a little update for you readers...

If you are a long standing reader of my blog, let me start by saying thank you for sticking around for so long (I would love to know how long you have actually been reading my blog!) but recently you would have seen posts become less and less. 

This is due to life, unfortunately I do not blog full time for a living (how I wish I was lucky!) and I have a full time job in what is commonly known as the real world. Recently life, work and everything else got busy and I found that I was leaving the blog to the waste line. Which I hated every second of the day. Yes, this blog is my hobby and I should not be too harsh on myself, but I am- I love spending time working on the blog, investing my time into it and when that doesn't happen I find myself a little lost. 

After another week of failing to get a full week of posts, missing the deadline to get monthly favourites video on my YouTube channel I decided enough was enough and a change was needed. 

Don't worry I am not stopping blogging, I love it too much to ever think of doing that. But I am not going to do as many posts as I would normally aim for. In my 2016 blogging goals- I challenged myself to blog every week day. Now I am going to blog as a minimum three times a week- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There will be the odd extra post every now and then (which you will always be updated on through Twitter and Facebook- so make sure you are following me!) but I want to make sure that I am constantly blogging- and I think this is more than reasonable to achieve. If not, then I am truly a bad blogger! 

To put this into full spring, I am doing a 'blogging week'. One week dedicated to this amazing, inspiration world. I have a guide to blogging finally going up, a bloggers to follow post and few more treats. 

This wont be for forever, it's just so I can ensure I am putting my all into my blog and providing you guys with quality content rather than so- so posts all the time. This blog is only where it is because of you gorgeous readers, so again- thank you for sticking around for these two years. Also, while we are on the subject of content, make sure to let me know what you would like to see on here or any suggestions and ideas for posts. 

Thanks again guys! 


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