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20 May 2016

The Wedding Of Clementine And The Beard

Last weekend I went to my first wedding of the season...

Warning, this post is very Photo, Pinterest heavy based.

So grab that cuppa, treat yourself to a biscuit and get stuck in for the long run. Trust me, you are going to love it as much as I loved it! 

So last weekend, L and I left the North just for a bit and headed back home to Lincolnshire for our friend's wedding. Slightly outside of the City Centre we headed to Welton to celebrate Hannah and Ian. 

I have known these two about the same amount of time I have known my chap so it's been great to see them go from couple living together, to engaged to now husband and wife. In fact, on the day I got engaged we spent the day with these two lovely people, so I am hoping their luck will rub off on us! 

The ceremony was at the local church and the reception held in the bride's mum's garden (I say garden, it looked more like to a field to me with the teepee in it!). And yes, as I just mentioned, it was in the prettiest teepee I have ever seen! I believe it was created by the lovely folks of Papakata, I have researched them for my own wedding so it was nice to get a little sneaky look into what to expect! I must give props for the names of the table and the fact that, other than the top table, we were seated at the best table at the wedding. Named after famous couples, we sat at the Khal Drogo and Khaleesi table, which was also located next to the bar.

We arrived to the ceremony and were served craft beer and homemade cocktails (Darjeeling tea and gin- so doing this recipe on the blog!). The food was delicious and we danced the night away, abusing the photo booth (so many embarrassing photos), and curled up in the evening covering ourselves in the reindeer hinds around the open fires. 

I hope the photos did the wedding justice, it was absolutely gorgeous. Feel free to look at my Instagram pictures that I took, my man look so handsome in a suit!

Congratulations Hannah and Ian (Clementine and The Beard), I wish you a lifetime of happiness! 


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