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12 May 2016

My Fitness Journey

Like many people in their twenties, I have a complicated relationship with fitness...

Me and fitness do not go hand in hand together. Me and health do really well together, I love to eat good, healthy food. But exercise, not really. Recently it has been bothering that I am not into exercise- my body has changed (I can no longer rely on my metabolism) and I have not really felt 100% comfortable in my own skin. I guess this explains the lack of outfit posts recently.

I have never been skinny- I have an ass. But I have been slim, I have never known my exact weight, I go by the size of clothing I fit into. I have always been between 10/12, mainly a 10. Recently I am now more a 12 and now with my wedding coming up, I have decided enough is enough and it is time to get serious.

Let me make this clear, this is not a fat/ size shaming post. I may not be comfortable in the size clothing I am currently fitting into, but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with that size at all. Curves are gorgeous (so are long, lean limbs). It's just me feeling uncomfortable with how my body looks and feel and that is no one else's problem but my own.

This is also not a woe is me post. Do not feel sorry for me, it's my own fault thinking I could live off my early twenties metabolism and think that I can have three takeaways in one week and not be affected by it.

So I needed to exercise, not just for getting wedding body ready, but rather for being healthy. I have started running more, I like running and in my new apartment, we live next to a canal so I have a great spot to run along with some good music. I am also thinking of taking up a sport, I hate the gym, it really isn't a nice or fun place in my eyes. I have treated myself to some new gym stuff, mainly some Nike trainers and an Ivy Park running top (I need to buy more- the range is gorgeous!!).

Overall I am feeling much better about myself and looking forward to feeling fitter and healthier. Sorry if this seemed a bit random, but this is my little space in the internet world and I really wanted to share my thoughts with you as I am sure I am not the only person feeling like this. I would love to know about your fitness journey and what motivates you and what your goals are.


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