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24 May 2016

Cocktail Connoisseur

I can all myself a cocktail master!

A week ago (at least I think it was. I have been such a bad blogger) I was invited to the press event for the opening of Leeds Loves Cocktails; a fabulous week long event starting on 6 June (add it to your calendars!) with the motto of drink better, not more. 

Events take place at some of Leeds best bars, full of fun, tasting and educating in the world of cocktails and spirits. You must buy a wristband to take part and also get discounts across a choice of drinks throughout the week (click here to grab yours now!)  

During the evening we were split into teams and given a cocktail challenge. We a bartender master from a different independent bar across the City Centre and a chosen liqueur, we were to create a cocktail masterpiece. Our bartender was Niall from The Hedonist Project (read about them here and here) and long with my cocktail partner fellow blogger Lizi from Glasses Girl, we set of making our creation. 

It turns out the judges loved out cocktail so much that we won! Our cocktail will actually be sold during the Leeds Loves Cocktail event and our names will even be printed on the menu! So I am sure you are wondering, what is in this cocktail and what do I need to ask to order it?!?

The above photo is courtesy of Lizi- such a good photographer! Meet The Adult and Blackberry Crumble, a gorgeous bourbon based cocktail with the flavors of a classic British dessert. Our spirit is Woodford Reserve, a classic bourbon with a great citrus undertone. Using this and a few helpful suggestions from Niall (a great bartender- go say hello to him at The Hedonist Project). The cocktail contains Woodford Reserve, Creme de Cassis, Lemon bitters, whole blackberries, apple slices and an egg (trust us on the egg front!). 

Now I know you are dying to try this cocktail. The Adult and Blackberry Crumble will be sold at Oporto Bar during the event. Be sure to take a photo if you order it and tag myself and Lizi on twitter so we can see how much you enjoyed it! (Check me out on Twitter here and Lizi here)

To book yourself into some of the events or see what is going on, check out the Leeds Loves Cocktail website here. I am sure you will be seeing me at a few events during the week- which ones are you going to hit up? 


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