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19 April 2016

How To Get A Good Passport Photograph

I finally got around to updating my identification. 

The before and after is shocking!! 

Now that I have moved to a more permanent flat, it was finally time to update my driving licence with a Leeds address. I had not done it previously as we only thought our last place we would only be there for a few months. Little did we know a few months would be three years- we are slow movers my fiance and I! 

Whilst trying to fill out my updated info, a rather rude Post Office worker advised me it was practically life of death that I HAD to get a new photograph. In fact her actual words where 'well, you don't look 16 anymore!' 

Not one to swear on this blog but no shit Sherlock, oh course I don't look 16 anymore! It's not like a completely different person! Still the more I thought about it the more I convince myself it was time to change the picture and prepare myself ready for when I need to change my passport when we get married (such a ball ache about getting married) This time I would not go in naive like my driving licence or be blind sighted by my mother like my passport photo (what was I thinking with the fringe?!?) 

The one thing I begrudge about the UK system is that they make it impossible to get a good photo. The light in those photo booths is so bad, you have to put your face forward so you cannot show off your best angle and you are not allowed to smiled. Seriously, we need to follow in the footsteps of our American friends, they have some pretty awesome pictures!

I think I got a pretty decent photograph (my eyebrows are on fleek!) and I am happy to live with this photo for the next 10 years. To help you guys to achieve a good photo, here are my tips for getting a good photograph: 

There is no point with going into the photo booth on a whim; make a day of it. Prep your skin the night before (this is something I didn't do- but I was ill so the most I treated myself to was a Vicks steam bath) Do whatever makes you feel better and prepare for the photo. 

Use The Good Stuff
This photo is going to be a part of your lives for the next 10 years plus- now is not the time to use the basic stuff. Go with a good foundation that does not have an SPF (less shine) I used the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation to give myself a dewy glow. 

Go Classic
Make up and clothes date, so keep your photo looking modern by going simple with your outfit and your make up classic. I kept my lips neutral and my eyes simple using my trusty Naked Palette 2 and Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipstick in Seduction (just seducing the camera!) 

Remember What Your Mama Taught You
Sit up with you back straight and shoulders pulled back. Good posture elevates a picture and last a lifetime. It helps that you cannot show off your best angle. 

What are your tips for a good photograph? 


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