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26 April 2016

New Additions To The Kitchen

So recently I went a little crazy on Amazon...

It's a symptom of getting a new place (or renting one in our case), you just want to fill it with nice pretty things. I have a bookcase now in our kitchen that I dreamed would be filled up with gorgeous cookbooks. I may not make all the recipes but it will sure look pretty! 

These three new ones I will actually use. The first two are faves among the blogging community right now. Ready, Steady, Glow is the second book from Madeline Shaw and her best so far. She has followed her usual style of giving us a living plan and breaking down this lifestyle so it is simple and easy to follow- her recipes are now separated into slow and fast; ones that you can take your time making over a lazy weekend and ones for when you need to be on the go. 

I oh course picked up Deliciously Ella Every Day, very similar to Ready, Steady, Glow- this recipe book is all about every day healthy recipes, making a healthy lifestyle so much easier. This is great for meat free recipes, I love every single one of the desert recipes! 

Finally L introduced me to this great little book from John Waite (a previous winner from GBBO- google it rest of the world). Perfect Plates in Five Ingredients is exactly what it says on the cover; easy recipes that only require five ingredients. All the recipes look super fancy, but are not as much hassle as some of the fancy recipes in other cookbooks. This is perfect for cooking up a storm when you want to impress someone special (gentlemen- take note!) or for a fancy dinner party with very little effort. 

Please leave me any suggestions for cookbooks you think I should add to my kitchen bookcase and I promise you, a moving vlog and home tour is coming very soon!! 


25 April 2016

Gaining The Perfect Brows With High Definition

I do not leave the house without my eyebrows being done. 

It's the one thing that I do not forget in my beauty routine. I was sick a week back and I still made sure my eyebrows were groomed to perfection. That said, I had a little help from High Definition. 

Last week I went to get my eyebrows done at High Definitions new training academy, here in Leeds. The academy is actually on the door of my old flat, on the east side next to the river. The academy itself is gorgeous, but don;t take my word for it, have a look for yourself....

Lets get back to the brows. As part of being shown around the academy, I got the HD brow treatment. My stylist first started by establishing what type of eyebrows I wanted. This isn't a case of one style fits all; the stylist will look at your face shape, understand you needs and come up with a style that is unique to you. 

My response was 'just nice eyebrows' which was not the most helpful response, but we established that I wanted nice Cara- esque brows. A tint was applied to get them darker but still leaving them slightly ashy. Next the brows were waxed into shape and then threaded to neatness. Finally my stylist took his time to ensure they looked their most beautiful. 

If you also didn't know, High Definition also does new beauty products which I as lucky to receive a few treats in a goodie bag. My fave was the Highlighting Illuminator Powder, it's so gorgeous both in the pot and on my face! 

To find out more about High Definition, check out their website and their twitter page. 


19 April 2016

How To Get A Good Passport Photograph

I finally got around to updating my identification. 

18 April 2016

French Apple Tart

Je ne peux pas résister à une bonne recette française...

15 April 2016

Leeds Indie Food 2016

#LIF16 is back and it is bigger than ever! 

14 April 2016

Lets Go Bare!

Don't worry, we are not being rude and are going to start stripping...

13 April 2016

Cauliflower Pizza

Are you ready for a mid week guilt- free treat?

8 April 2016

#Iam5 Kamm & Son Cocktail Crawl*

After stressful weekend of moving, there was nothing more I wanted than a rewarding, relaxing cocktail...

5 April 2016

Whiby Photo Diary

There is nothing better than a British seaside town....

1 April 2016


Let me tell you of a new health craze that I have been dying to let you about! 
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