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10 March 2016

Wedding Inspiration + Mini Update

So wedding plans have actually been happening! 

I promised you guys when I talked about not having the bride gene (see post here) that I wasn't going to turn this blog into a wedding blog (though I am still toying with the idea of having a mini blog called Champagne Wedding, Tea Budget....) but I would share with you some bits of the wedding.

I can honestly say that Pinterest has become my new best friend when it comes to getting ideas and inspiration. It's the adorable think- tank of photos, ideas and creativity. I have a sense of what I like, which I have illustrated above in this cute collage. Make sure you are following my Pinterest board as I am updating it regularly not only with wedding things but also home things as we are FINALLY moving into a bigger flat. I am currently running a poll on Twitter as to whether I should do a homeware haul or a moving vlog- so far both are winning! 

My final wedding update is something that I want to share with you guys, the date. 21.06.17. That's the date I will be tying the knot on. As for the location, well you have to wait a little longer for that but I promise you, I think you guys will love it! 

Sorry this was a bit of a random post, but I like sharing my thoughts and weird ramblings with you. And I hope you guys enjoy them too. 


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