New Home Inspiration

 This Monday is the final countdown to new home.

I will be getting the keys to our new place on Friday and I am so excited! We are still renting but it is such a bigger space to what we are currently staying in. I am really excited to have a blank canvas, as the place is unfurnished so we can do whatever we want with it (well as much as renting laws will allow us, though is painting walls allowed? If we revert it back to the original colour?)
It will be slow but surely and oh course a flat tour will be happening once it looks perfect. I had a vote on Twitter and you all agreed that you wanted a moving vlog and a homeware haul. What you readers ask for you get so be sure to tune into the moving vlog series that will be coming your way soon! #CLHome
For now I am planning how I want to style each bit and Pinterest has really been helping with this. To give you an idea of what I am looking for/ maybe give you some inspiration too, here are my moodboards and my thinkings behind each room and how I want it to look.


I am thinking grey in the key colour in this room. I have a lot of white furniture and I want to introduce some dark wood and texture into the room. My sofa has been ordered and I am eyeing up some plants to give some more life to the space. I am loving H&M home and Zara Home for great pillow options and have my eye on some art work that I desperately want.

This room is all about the wardrobe. Back in my parents house I had the best wardrobe ever, it was floor to ceiling, loads of storage. I took it for granted and didn’t realise how much I missed it until I moved into student accommodation. Our current flat came with the smallest wardrobe I have ever seen, so it has been a mini goal of mine to build the perfect wardrobe. So that goal isn’t going to be achieved for a while but for now we can hope. As for the bedroom, I just want it to be cosy.

I am so happy that I finally have room to have some form of space to set up an office. I have been working from my kitchen table/ bed/ sofa which is great but I really want a space that is all about the blog and I can really work and concentrate on it. I am looking at a desk rather than a room but I know I want a clean space (white furniture everywhere!) and a lot of gold accessories!!